The Secret of Happiness…

My body is currently killing me after doing a 30 minute workout. Since then I’ve showered – I hate the post-exercise feeling ugh. And I’m practically falling asleep at my laptop, but I was stupid enough to commit to daily posts throughout January. I do enjoy it, but I’m determined to not miss a day, and let myself down, until at least half way through aha.

So today at school, our headmaster did this semi-interesting, semi-lame sorta assembly, based on ‘The Secret of Happiness is…’.

I got a bit lost about what he was talking about halfway through, but I think I got the overall message.

Turns out, there’s been some research into the happiness levels of different countries(I have NO idea how they make these sort of statistics reliable, but we’ll work with it).

Wanna guess where the United Kingdom stands on the list?

Um…yeah. Let’s just say, we’re not exactly near the top.

Can you take a shot at what you think are the top countries for highest happiness levels?

Number one is the Danes, with Switzerland at a close second.

So, I was wondering. What do the Danes, and the Swiss do, that we don’t do? Why is it so easy for them to have an overall happier population, than places such as the UK and the USA?

Maybe it’s because there is more family-oriented time. Maybe it’s because there is more of an emphasis placed on community togetherness. Or less of a stress placed on education and the workforce. I honestly don’t know.

But what I DO know, is about ‘Hygge’.

‘Hygge’ is a Danish idea spread throughout the country, which seems to be the key reason for their higher happiness.

Image result for danish hygge
Image from the BBC

Although difficult to translate the concept into English, the general meaning is “cosiness” – creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. What a LOVELY thing. It’s one of the things that makes the Danes so different from the rest of the world.

This ‘idea’ isn’t meant to be explained, but FELT. It’s the cosiness of winter socks. Of snuggling on the sofa. Being with loved ones. By candlelight. A pork roast. The warmth and light inside the living room, compared to the bitter darkness outside.

Danes have something like 7 hours of daylight during the day in winter months (I think it might be less, but I can’t find the statistic our headmaster gave us online). Which serves for a great time of cosiness inside. Of course Christmas is a huge part of ‘Hygge’, because although a largely secular country, it’s belief in family and values are strong.

So there we go. A little something to think about, and take in. Don’t you think it’s such a beautiful thing?

I don’t know what you guys think the ‘Secret of Happiness’ is. Personally, I do believe it’s to do with family, friends, doing things you love, achieving your highest potential, living in the moment, and all things like that. And although things happen beyond our control, and the key to the secret may be faded for a while, eventually the clouds clear and you too can find the secret.

LOL that was so weird. Why does my typing go so lame sometimes. I don’t even know. But it just flows. Hence my reluctance to actually delete anything I write. Even now.

What do you think the secret to happiness is? What makes you guys happy?

Love, Em x

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32 thoughts on “The Secret of Happiness…

  1. Wow this is such a good post! It’s no surprise to me that the most developed countries (such as America) are the most miserable; we (not me, but the people in general) often tend to be workaholics and live life very fast-paced. I love the idea of “Hygge”—being with family and community, relaxation and taking time to just savor life are important things to do. Work is necessary, but SO IS REST. We are not machines, we are humans, created to NEED rest and enjoyment sometimes. Anyway. Good thought-provoking post.


  2. Once our head of the school gave a speech about shizuka, which she said means quiet or peace, after her Japan tour. To tell the truth the only thing the whole school was thinking about then was Doraemon. Seeing as how life is from where I am, Danes or Swiss is somewhere I definitely wanna be.

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  3. for me, the secret to happiness is good music, friends, going outside and discovering new places and going to different areas and reading books. Fabulous post as per usual! I imagine Australia isn’t exactly near the top of that list either haha xx

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  4. i believe happiness comes from within, no matter what happens outside, we have a source of love where we can go to anytime. of course the outside world helps, but if we are commited enough we can change what’s around us.

    i’ve heard about hygge not long time ago and loved the idea. i think i was always a hygge kind of person, i love cozy things. 😀

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    1. Yeah it’s such a LOVELY idea! Wish the UK had something like it. I think that it definitely encourages good and relaxing times. That’s a lovely idea too, that it comes from within. Thank you for reading 🙂 x

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    1. Aha it’s a GOOD sort of pain – like it makes me feel healthy and happier, but helllll sometimes it’s so damn painful and tiring…especially when you haven’t worked out in like six months 😀 x

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  5. The secret to happiness for me is music. Whenever there is something going wrong, my parents are yelling at each other, my sisters are screaming, I just put on my headphone, go to Spotify, and my playlist calms me.
    This is a great post Em ❤ loved it

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  6. I really liked this post! I had a friend from that area and she would always tell me how much better it is over there compared to the US, and how much more free people are
    ( like children being able to walk down the streets by themselves without worry) I think being free has a lot to do with happiness and doing the things you love!

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    1. That’s so true. Those who aren’t free, and have to hide, always seem to be the unhappier ones in our earth. I guess it’s just our job to allow those people to be free. Hopefully one-day the world will be a place where everyone is comfortable and free ❤ x

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  7. This is really thought provoking-as one of the most developed countries, why are we so miserable? It’s certainly true that countries such as Sweden and Denmark are doing things we aren’t. Somehow, they seem much more “free” as individuals, and more listened to by the system. Great post-as always! 🙂 xx

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    1. It is SO true, and I love how you phrased that. Why ARE we, as a most developed country, so miserable? It just doesn’t make sense, does it? And WHY is working on happiness levels not a more important thing in our world? Thank you for a lovely comment 🙂 x


      1. That’s okay Em! 🙂

        I know. Sometimes I don’t feel that economics are altogether the main factor in the development of a country. Take America, for example-they don’t even have free medical care. How terrible is that? So poverty can kill you, literally.

        Development should be measured by the necessities we have access to and our basic levels of happiness-nothing else x

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