The First Weekend of The Year

Good evening guys!

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m lying on my bed, wrapped up in a quilt, with a full stomach from the gammon we just had. It’s times like this when I think about how lucky I am to have a warm bed, and a nice meal on the table. I would really like to do more for people who aren’t as lucky, but at the age of 15, I’m stuck for ideas of what I can do. If anyone has any ideas, please do let me know.

So. Today marks the end of the first weekend – and also the first week! – of 2017! Overall, it’s been a pretty successful week. I spent the first half relaxing at home, and out with my friends, and the second half returning back to school (which wasn’t all THAT bad), where I received some good grades back from my mocks.

It could’ve gone a hell of a lot worse.

And now this weekend has also been nice. It’s been quiet, and chilled – but nice. Yesterday, I was at the stables for the morning. I had an hour’s riding lesson, then helped out a bit, and then watched my sister’s riding lesson. How I WISH I could have a horse. Like, YES, I know they’re a LOT of work. Maybe when I’m older, yeah!?

I spent yesterday afternoon at home, and then after dinner went out for a walk with my Dad, my brother and my sister. Our whole family are on a scheme to get fit. I’ve tried many times before, and utterly failed. But this time’s different. I don’t want to lose weight. I just want to get fit. And feel healthier. Because at the moment I feel rubbish, and crap, and a lot of it is to do with the lack of exercise and the fat I’m consuming. Hopefully, with that, will come a bit of flab off the thighs and a more toned stomach – but the main goal is to feel happier and healthier.

Hence the new purchase from today. I’ve just ordered a Teal Fitbit Alta, which should arrive tomorrow. I’m very excited to get involved with my family and friends by seeing who can make the most steps a day! Considering I’m a VERY competitive person, it’s a good way to get me motivated!

Okay, so now onto today. This morning I went to Church, which was good. One of my auntie’s friends, who’s a teacher at a school nearby, and helps run the youth group which I help out with, told me something which made me think. She said it was good to see me looking so well, and happy. She knows about the struggles I’ve been facing, and what I’ve had to deal with in the last year. When I first started having panic attacks, (wow, what a long time ago it seems), I had one at her house. This was in the early stages when I was terrified, and had no idea what to do other than cry, and try not to die. But she calmly helped me. As a teacher, she says there are a lot of girls in her girls school which have them, and so she’s used to helping deal with them. But anyway, back to the point. It was LOVELY to hear some-one say that. I may NOT be the happiest inside, but for someone to take the time to notice, and comment, means a lot. And it took me aback for a minute while I had a think – that I AM happier. Like not completely. And some days I’m still right back down in the pits. But majorly, compared to this time last year, it’s a huge improvement.

So Church was good. This afternoon, I went to Hyde Park with my family. For a walk. Because we’re trying to be more active hahaha. We’ll see how that goes. But it was really lovely.

Hyde Park this afternoon πŸ™‚

I’m learning (slowly) that I actually ENJOY spending time with my family! I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to realise, that I like sitting and chatting to them, and not always locking myself in my room! πŸ˜€

That’s basically an update of my weekend.

Obviously these posts aren’t as interesting to you guys, but I do enjoy writing them. And I’m also SO BAD at coming up with new content.

So yar. If you don’t like these posts just don’t read them, and wait until I actually post something decent on my blog…which will hopefully be soon!!

What have you guys done this weekend?

Love, Em x

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If you have any queries, want to guest post, do a collab, or just need to chat, please contact me on any of my social medias, my email β€˜’, or via my contact page. Hope you’re having a lovely day!


33 thoughts on “The First Weekend of The Year

  1. aw i just stumbled across your blog and i thought i have a read this is such a great post , i liked what you had written so i had to follow you! also if you would like to check you my blog and show some love that would be awesome great work love c xxxx


  2. Em, it makes me so happy that this year is going a lot better for you, that you are finding pleasure in spending time with family and having more fun! Contrary to what you said about these posts maybe not being as interesting, I disagreeβ€”these posts are not boring at all! Keep talking about things you’ve been doing and enjoying, I love to hear it!
    And to answer the little question at the end… this past weekend I’ve been working on handlettering, dealing with depression a bit but it’s been getting better (talking to my dad and one of my best friends about it really helped… thank God for wise and encouraging friends and family!), went to a wedding, spent time with my friends, stayed up late and slept in, went to church, helped out in the youth group (I lead in a youth group too, haha) and had little dance parties by myself in my room. Haha.

    Hope this next week goes just as well as the last, if not better!


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    1. Sounds like quite a nice weekend. I’m sorry you’re facing the struggles of depression – that’s not nice 😦 but I’m glad you’re talking about it. I’ll be praying that it will get better ❀ xx

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  3. I love reading about your life! It sounds like you had a blissful and non-stressful first week of the year πŸ™‚ Also can I just say I absolutely love your hair!? I love the slight ombrΓ© near the end it’s so pretty.
    When I first read “Hyde Park” I thought you meant the one in Sydney because the British brought all their names over here (Paddington, Oxford St, Liverpool, Gloucester… the list goes on) until I realised that you are obviously in London πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh I wish I had naturally ombre hair (or at least have lighting that makes my hair look ombre)! My friend has insanely beautiful natural ombre hair and I am so jealous 😦 then again she does sail a lot therefore she is in the sunlight so maybe that’s a factor? Haha!
        Have you been to Sydney before? xx


  4. Spent the weekend relaxing. Today I went for a walk with the family by the sea which was nice. And as you mentioned I’m also realising that i enjoy spending time with family!

    Your weekend sounds fun! Hyde Park looks nice!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem at all!!
        Ah that’s great!
        Yeah same here I love the seaside, don’t live near it myself but love taking trips there to enjoy it! 😊


  5. Sounds like it’s been a pretty perfect weekend 😊 a Sunday walk around Hyde Park sounds wonderful!
    I’m really pleased to hear that you’re feeling happier – I love that you’ve been so open about your struggles with anxiety. I can’t imagine it’s always easy to talk about, but it massively helps a lot of other sufferers to read things like this and know they’re not alone.
    Another really great post Em 😊❀xxx

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    1. I genuinely look forward to your lovely comments every day now! Thank you for being so lovely and supportive!
      It was a lovely weekend! And yeah…it’s not that easy to talk about, but my blog’s anonymous, so that certainly helps. I started this blog as an outlet, to help my anxiety, and it’s really helped. All my earlier posts, when I first began, are just me on depressing rampages, and I always felt guilty at people having to read them, but it definitely helped. I wouldn’t be happier without what my blog has done for me!
      Thank you ❀ xx

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      1. It’s honestly my pleasure – I completely adore reading your posts 😊
        And the more I read them, and the more I learn about you, the more I become completely amazed by how remarkable you are. To be 15 and be able to write the way you do, and talk about you anxiety (anonymous or not) and then proceed to combat that anxiety is truly spectacular – and I sincerely hope you give yourself credit for all of that. ❀

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  6. Hi Em, I’ve been keeping snug as a bug in a rug, reading lots, watching Sherlock and doing a bit of laundry, which has been very enjoyable πŸ™‚ Just making myself some hot chocolate and planning out the rest of my afternoon –Sam

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