Social Media Detox

You guessed correctly from the title. I, Em, am getting rid of all my social media for a while. Do you want me to explain why? Okay then, I will. It was provoking my anxiety. Big time. Every time a notification flashed up on my screen, I’d jump, wondering who it was from, what it … More Social Media Detox

Dealing With Death

I know that there’s a few of you reading this who have recently experienced the loss of someone you love. I know that you’re in a state of desperation, of fear, of realisation of how cruel the world can be. I know that some days you wake up and wonder ‘What is the point of … More Dealing With Death

Calling ChildLine

As you can all probably tell, from my behaviour, my activity and my recent posts, the last few days I have felt very down – more than normal. I found myself not being able to cope with even one lesson at school, feeling down and crying for hours at home, not falling asleep until 2 … More Calling ChildLine

Achievement #4

Last night I was in a bit of a state. Okay, I was in a lot of a state. I came so near to hurting myself again, maybe worse than I have before, but I didn’t. That’s an achievement right? I still feel very low, lower than I normally do, but I’m not entirely sure why. … More Achievement #4