The Chain of Life

Have you ever stopped and wondered why things happen the way they do? Why one set of events sends a chain reaction and ends up leading to something else, which has led to where you are now? Why, after you’ve been trying and trying for so long, that thing you’re desperate for doesn’t happen, but … More The Chain of Life

Seaside Vibes

I’m sitting in a cute little cafe, overlooking the fiesty sea, surrounded by the people I love. For the first time in a while, I’m starting to realise that I’m happy. Wow I didn’t know that until I found myself typing it. Must be true then. I’m starting to realise that I’m happy. Okay, maybe … More Seaside Vibes


This past week has been a whirlwind of school, friends and family, which basically sums up my lame excuses for not speaking to you all in that time. The few minutes I have had to myself at the end of the day were spent wrapped up in my blanket in front of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, … More 3,2,1…

Achievement #3

I went to the theatre, on the drama trip I was telling you about andΒ I had good reason to be nervous – it didn’t turn out too great. I had two panic attacks, but after it was all okay. My drama teacher was lovely and came outside with me during the show to calm me … More Achievement #3

Fears and Worries

Everybody gets worried about something – whether it’s a big test coming up, or something smaller like fretting over whether someone misinterpreted what you said. It’s a natural emotion for human beings. When someone says they have ‘anxiety’ it means it’s way out of control. Everything that you, an average human being, would do in … More Fears and Worries

Liebster Award

So in the past couple of weeks I’ve been nominated for this award by a number of different people, so thank you all so much for it and I’m really sorry I haven’t got around to doing this sooner. Thank you to ‘nerdygirl222‘, ‘insearchofmyspark‘ and ‘ateenagediaryonline‘! I apologise to those others who nominated me, but … More Liebster Award


I’m sitting in the library at school, because I had a panic attack and can’t even think about dealing with lessons. I find school hard. Really hard. If you haven’t already gathered that. But there’s good days and bad days, like anything in life. There’s another girl in my form and she has panic attacks … More Understanding