The sunset last night was beautiful! I stood for ten minutes at my bedroom window, half smiling at the beauty that stood before me. Sometimes the beauty of the world gets lost in the every-day chaos, and it was good to have the pleasure of seeing such a sight from my own bedroom. I forget … More Sunsets

4 Months Ago

Today marks 4 months since my life changed. 4 months yesterday I was living practically a normal life. Yes my grandad was ill which involved frequent and daily visits to the Hospital, but we all thought he’d pull through before he gained hospital infections like pneumonia, which in the end killed him. But 4 months … More 4 Months Ago

Achievement #2

I chose to stop viewing myself as weird, abnormal and crazy. And now I treat myself like a normal human being. And I’ve accepted I just have a few problems to overcome. Love, Em x

It’s Been a Month!

Wow! It’s been a month since my first blog post, since I discovered the beauty of blogging and since you guys all started to help me get through each day. I’ve come so far in such a short amount of time – my anxiety is slowly, gradually getting better and you don’t know how much you’re all … More It’s Been a Month!

Writing It Down…

People often ask me why I don’t write about Belgium, my panic attacks or the way I’m feeling. By people I mean counsellors, doctors and my family. What they don’t know is that I already do – on here. I don’t so much mind writing it here on my blog, because I’m open and honest … More Writing It Down…