Cracker Barrel: Pancake Recipe & Store Tour

While I’ve been in America, I have discovered a wonderful store, complete with a beautiful cafe called the Cracker Barrel. It’s a delightful shop containing all sorts of bits and bobs for homes, as well as games, candy and other random bits. They do some delicious ‘Buttermilk Pancakes with 100% Natural Syrup’ and ‘Blueberry Pancakes’. … More Cracker Barrel: Pancake Recipe & Store Tour

Confidence in yourself

Most people these days at leastΒ try to show respect for others. But, occasionally, you’ll overhear those snide remarks and rude gestures, which can sometimes turn into a whole other kettle of fish. You’ll find those certain teenagers (and even adults sometimes!) blowing other people’s confidence, knocking their self-esteem in order for them to feel better … More Confidence in yourself

Hello World!

I’ve decided to start my own blog. Having never ever read a single blog before in my life, I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I figured I’d give it a try anyway because sometimes my head is packed so tight, all my thoughts jumbled up in a big mess and I just need … More Hello World!